A large battery energy storage system that looks like a white metal shipping container


The energy transition’s next frontier

Around the nation and the world, our energy systems are changing—and fast. Modern power grids need reliable sources of flexibility to balance growing amounts of renewable energy generation, handle severe weather, and adapt to changing demands.

The macro transition from fossil-fueled power plants to large-scale wind and solar PV energy is already under way. Here at Available Power, we’re focused on the next frontier of the energy transition: portfolios of distributed assets—including batteries—located where they can benefit both the broader power grid and the communities and companies that host these systems.
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Real estate owners + available land

We partner with real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other real estate portfolio owners to lease available land as host sites for the battery systems we develop. Why REITs? Because multi-site projects comprising fleets of distributed batteries support diversity, reliability, performance, and economies of scale.

Plus, by building many smaller batteries closer to the end points of the power grid, we’re able to futureproof our engineering designs to offer potential future values, such as on-site backup power for mission-critical infrastructure.

Technology + available expertise

The Available Power team combines decades of energy-sector experience and leadership with the fresh thinking and innovative mindset needed to further accelerate the transition toward clean, modern power grids.

We further partner with industry-leading technology companies to develop smart energy storage projects that run on the right technology and leverage the most effective software platforms.

Together, we deliver high-performance, de-risked portfolios of batteries you can trust.
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Grid operators + available energy services

Our unique and utility-friendly approach to project development makes the entire process simple. Once we’ve identified suitable sites with a real estate partner, Available Power streamlines the rest of the process: permitting, engineering, EPC contracting, construction finance, utility interconnection, and O&M once systems are online and operational.

Once battery fleets are placed into service, they start delivering energy services to the grid in power markets—including flexibility and balancing to help integrate variable renewable generation such as wind and solar PV energy.

Investors + available asset portfolios

As the market for large-scale renewables such as wind farms and utility-scale solar PV has matured, competition has grown among infrastructure funds, utilities, pension funds, and other investors looking for low-risk, climate-friendly opportunities for their capital.

Our de-risked portfolios of high-performing clean energy assets unlock a new opportunity for savvy investors looking for the next frontier of the clean energy transition.
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