We develop fleets of batteries in places where they create value for landowners and investors, benefit the broader power grid, and accelerate the energy transition.
Green squares like a circuit board emulating a modular microgrid power concept

Investment-grade innovation for the modern power grid

Greyscale AA-type batteries interconnected by digital signals

Making the energy transition simple, flexible, reliable

Modern power grids need reliable sources of flexibility to balance clean energy, handle severe weather, and adapt to changing demands.
An orange-glowing sun setting behind the glass skyscrapers of Houston, Texas, USA

A development model for the future of energy

Our model is simple. We partner with real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other owners of real estate portfolios to lease land and build fleets of high-performing battery systems.

These de-risked portfolios of clean energy assets unlock a new opportunity for savvy investors looking for the next frontier of the clean energy transition.