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A strong portfolio… to strengthen your portfolio

Renewable energy—especially wind and solar PV—continues growing fast and are forecasted to contribute 95% of new electricity generation globally through 2026. In response, the battery energy storage market is booming to help power grids handle all those renewables. In the U.S., 2021 was a record-setting year and 2022 and beyond are forecasted to continue breaking records.

Our fleets of batteries are your chance to own a piece of the energy transition’s next frontier while the market is on a major upswing trajectory.
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Energize your ROI

With ever-growing amounts of variable renewable generation, threats to power grid infrastructure from severe weather events, and other challenges, grid operators and customers alike have one question in mind: Are clean energy assets available, flexible, and reliable? With Available Power portfolios, the answer is a resounding yes.
  • In an era when ESG criteria are increasingly business as usual, our portfolios add climate-friendly investments to your balance sheet
  • We’re pioneering a new asset class: de-risked portfolios of distributed batteries that support the clean energy transition
  • Our unique development approach pairs the 21st century innovation we need for grid modernization with a company staffed by energy industry veterans and leaders that know what’s at stake supporting critical infrastructure
  • By selecting strategically chosen sites, our portfolio assets are able to provide long-term value in energy markets
  • Our flexible, futureproof perspective on system design and engineering opens up opportunities for secondary revenue stacking with potential energy-as-a-service offerings to host sites (such as backup power)

Ready to add our latest portfolio to your portfolio?

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