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Put your land to work in the clean energy transition

Underutilized and other available land in your portfolio could soon become your newest source of revenue. Available Power partners with real estate investment trusts (REITS) and other real estate portfolio owners to lease strategically-located properties and build fleets of battery assets that support a clean, reliable grid.
Rows of large battery energy storage systems located at an industrial site

A simple process

We make it easy for your real estate to generate additional passive income:
  • Together, we identify suitable sites within your real estate portfolio
  • We pay you rent for those sites in a landlord-tenant model to host battery energy storage systems
  • Available Power and our partners handle the entire development process
  • The battery systems across your portfolio of sites provide energy services that support a clean, modern power grid
  • Our futureproof engineering designs give you the future option to contract for backup power services

Energize your bottom line

You know real estate. We know energy. Our model removes the complexity and risk for landowners to participate in the energy transition while enjoying no-regrets benefits:
  • Improve your land utilization rate
  • Grow your EBITDA and market cap
  • Attract and retain green-minded tenants
  • Strengthen your ESG actions
  • Prepare for future energy needs
Want a bigger stake in the clean energy future? Co-investment and co-ownership opportunities are available but not required.
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Aerial view of two wind turbines on an otherwise large, vacant, brown landscape

Got available land and want to learn more?